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We create elegant, dynamic, responsive, cross-browser compliant, multi-device-compatible Web Applications combining the latest front-end development frameworks including: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Sass, Compass, modernizr, etc, with rock solid back-end technology including: PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, websockets, etc.

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Who We Are

We are designers, strategists, entrepreneurs, and technologists; proud purists who obsess over details while never losing focus of the high-level overview. Our experience provides a depth of insight and foresight, while our passion drives us to create the best solution for your business needs.

We are thinkers and dreamers, teachers and students, movers and doers.

Needs Analysis

Great web/mobile design doesn't start in Photoshop. It begins by getting to know and understanding your values, culture, business goals, target devices, and a million other tiny variables. We catch your vision and translate that into your most visible asset.

Principle Development

During this phase of development, we simply break out the elbow grease and lay the foundation of your project. We deliver large sections of your project in the form of milestones for your consideration and feedback preventing costly change-orders and staying on schedule and budget.


We begin by assessing the original intention of your project... then eliminate all the noise. This is a highly iterative process and we like to do a lot of testing during this phase.

As Frank Lloyd Wright once said, "You can use an eraser on the drafting table, or a sledgehammer on the construction site."


In post-production, we attack your project from every angle looking for even the smallest quality concerns. We obsess over every single pixel, pattern, frame, and detail ensuring a complete and polished product. It's time for code-lock and final delivery.

Cut it. Print it. I love it.


A selection of our clients and the projects we've worked on.

Beltway Talent Solutions
Center For Algebraic Thinking

much more than just a website


HTML5 is an exciting option for the rapidly evolving multi-platform, mobile-friendly world. It is faster, cheaper, and easier to maintain, as well as wonderfully portable. It is much more than a website disguised as an application.

Think bigger!


One of the more powerful aspects of modern web development is something called "responsive" design. This enables your site or app to detect what kind of device the viewer is using and respond accordingly. Historically, a separate file would have to be created for each device. One can imagine the high development costs associated with maintaining separate files for each of the mobile devices in the marketplace.

A recent study showed that approximately 27% of websites are misconfigured and cost the site owner a staggering 68% of mobile traffic.

To underscore the importance of responsive design, approximately 60% of Internet traffic is generated from mobile devices. Utilizing responsive design in your site or app provides you with a significant return on investment (ROI).


Prior to the HTML5 explosion, if you wanted to serve up your product across multiple platforms (i.e. web browser, mobile app, etc.), you would have to hire a developer to build your product for each separate platform. In addition to the added initial development expense, there was also the expense of maintaining separate code bases.

HTML5 transcends the division of platforms and operating systems, enabling developers to deploy your product across all platforms with a single code base. Updates to one code base, deploy everywhere simultaneously and save you approximately 30% on development costs throughout your product lifecycle.


An Uncompromising Original.

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Matt Bontrager

Matt Bontrager

Founder, HTML5 SME

I have always had a passion for well-designed tools that simplify and streamline. Tools that help reduce the friction of our everyday lives. About 10 years ago, I found a creative outlet for that passion.

Utilizing the web as an application platform, I create dynamic, responsive, cross-browser compliant websites, web applications, and mobile web applications. I enjoy developing technology of the future that excites and delights consumers.

Equal parts scientist and artist, I thrive at the crossroads of technology and design.


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